Monday, November 24, 2008

Webster and Me

My friend Laura and I were talking recently about the really creepy episode of Webster where he finds the secret passage (Bah, whatever. Like you and your friends don't sit around discussing Webster episodes).   
Shortly into the second season, Webster accidentally burned down the family's apartment with a science kit and the family moved to a large Victorian house in the suburbs. The show also delved into more creepy matters when it was revealed that the new home has a secret passage way behind a clock and that a full size female doll is kept in a room in which a young girl died. To many, this move was the point where the show jumped the shark. (from  

After watching that (and various other secret passage movies like my all-time favorite, Candleshoe) I would drag my little brother around our house and make him tap on the walls while I listened with my Fisher-Price doctor's stethoscope for hollow sounds. At which point my exasperated dad would yell out from behind his newspaper, "This house was built in the seventies!"


Megan Carr said...

Scooby-Doo had already caused me to have an obsession with hollow walls, so when Webster found that passage way I was like, damn, now I have proof they exist! We lived in a new construction house and we did in fact have a mysterious hollow, but when it was explored all they found was a dead cat.

Dylan Gaughan said...

Your dad's response almost made my head explode.