Wednesday, February 11, 2009

David Berman-Part Deux

So the Silver Jews are no longer.

According to David Berman, Jan 31 was the Silver Jews' final show. I can't really decipher all the reasons surrounding his decision, but it seems like his father's right-wing lobbyist ways grew to be too much for him. Pitchfork's article on DB quoted his scathing retirement post entitled "My Father, My Attack Dog" in which he called his dad "a despicable man," " a human molestor" and "a world historical motherf*cking son of a bitch."  Whoa! As Mr. Henry says to Dignan in Bottlerocket, "Ooh you said a mouthful there."

What does this have to do with the Silver Jews? Well, it looks like D.B. might want to pursue a career that will more directly cancel out the work of his father (Dad has lobbied to bust unions, keep minimum wages stagnant and he's countered the work of consumer activist campaigns). D.B. said he is ready to turn the page and start anew, maybe try "screenwriting or muckraking." He is also coming out with a book of cartoons which I think is very exciting.

The sad part is that dad responded to Berman's fire by saying he loves his son and is proud of his accomplishments. Isn't it weird how we can turn out so completely different from the people we come from? I guess I take for granted the fact that me and my pops are simpatico when it comes to life philosophies.

Anyways, that's why I thought I would post a David Berman poem and wish him well on future endeavors...

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