Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Go, Dog. Go!

Does anyone remember this amazing book? It was my absolute, hands down, favoritist book in the whole world. I had incorrectly thought all this time it was written by Dr. Seuss. Twas P.D. Eastman, though.

Do you like my hat? No?? Well, guess what it was 5 bucks so you can suck it! OH dear. I have taken too much cold medicine today...


Laura said...

this was my little sister's favorite book too, when she was three. she used to call it "dog, dog. go!"

(funny, i miss that now that she's a fairly obnoxious pre-teen...)

Sivan said...

i don't know that book, but is the whole thing a collection of totally abrupt and awkward conversations? "hey, do you think i'm pretty?" "no you're ugly" "right-o! tata!" i saw avenue q on saturday and thought of you, especially during the part when the puppets were having sex. remember when you were a slutty puppet? [wistful]...hmm......[confused pause]....where am i?