Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There is a house in...

Here are some NOLA photos I'd like to share with you! In the first photo, you'll see the top of the porch's underside has been painted sky blue. Apparently wasps think the blue is the sky and it disuades them from building nests on the porches. Sort of poetic, no?
Below is the famous house of famous actor famous Nick Cage. I think he was the only celebrity whose house I took a photo of. Who knows why?
There were beautiful flowers blooming everywhere!
One thing that really stands out architecturally, particularly in the French Quarter, is the ornate iron work framing the houses. Generally the more ornate work is cast iron, and the plainer, but more durable work is wrought iron.
The next two photos were the views from the courtyard of my favorite bar, The Napoleon House. So lovely and such yummy drinks. I am drinking a Ramos Gin Fizz (which they handily make at Southwark a block from my apartment in Philly!!!) It's lemon/lime juice, orange flower water, egg whites, cream, seltzer and gin. It's like a New York Egg Cream. YUM.
Some more pretty places in the city, below.

Stay tuned tomorrow for cemetary photos and other randomness...

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