Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Got Stuck In A Cloud, So We Climbed Our Way Down

This is a photo of my parents (and their parents) on their wedding day. It's one of my favorite photos because everyone is together. They've all been gone for almost 20 years now, except my dad. My dad sorta looked like Peter Sellers back then with that moustache, which cracks me up. I think I look a little like my mom in the photo (or is it vice-versa).

I put this photo right on my mirror where I get ready in the morning so I can see their smiling faces every day. It's sort of like one of Harry Potter's photos! I imagine them all waving to me.
And this is my new bike. SIKE! I do want a new bike though. I want a beach cruiser cause my legs are so long I hate being hunched over on my Schwinn. Anyone have suggestions on where to get one? I guess it's time to scour the suburban thrift shops. I know my dad had like an old blue Peugeot or something in our beach house garage, but I'm not sure if it's still there. That thing was boss.
PS I hope I can eventually replace these terrible blurry scans that made everyone look weird! I scanned them on some piece of junk at work.


Laura said...

what i want is your grandmom's dress! the yellow one. it's awesome.

jkeener said...

Hey, if you are looking for a beach cruiser, you should get down to the shore one Saturday morning and hit the garage sale circuit. That's where I've bought all of my cruisers over the last 15 years. Also, some of the bike rental places sell off their old bike inventory before the summer season starts. Get thee to Ocean City, NJ!

PS. You look just like your mom!

Olivia said...

That is a great idea, Julie! Thank ye kindly!

JAB said...

you commanded that trike like a bad ass!