Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blackblack Black Black

I've been checking out this adorable band, Blackblack
"Diva Dompe started the band in 2004 with her sister Lola and boyfriend Alex Greenwald, who performed as his alter-ego "Clark Schädelkopf" in the context of the band. Schädelkopf means "skullhead" in German. The Dompe sisters are both daughters of Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins. They have channeled their fantastical and sci-fi leanings into their shows. Prepping for past gigs included dressing as if they were starring in the Ice Capades, crafting massive Native American headresses, and making vats of theatrical blood in the Dompe family kitchen for a Carrie-themed summertime barbecue at The Echo in Echo Park."
They sing simple songs about feeling lazy and depressed. What's not to like?
This band is not to be confused with Black Black chewing gum from Japan, which I also want to see in person. According to Wiki, the gum includes such unusual ingredients as grape sugar, oolong tea extract, ginkgo extract, chrysanthemum flower extract, coloring agents (cacao, gardenia) and caffeine. "The packaging contains some strangely phrased English on the label that reads, "HI-TECHNICAL * EXCELLENT TASTE AND FLAVOR". Some sticks also say "YES, CHEWING!"
I, for one, like my gum highly technical.

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