Sunday, August 30, 2009

"New Amsterdam it's become much too much..."

I've been absolutely glued to my seat for this 8-disc documentary on New York that I recently Netflixed (directed by Ric Burns). I'm only on Episode 1 which tells of NY's founding by the Dutch, its beginnings as a commercial melting pot, its gruesome history with slavery, the crucial battles that took here during the Revolutionary War and the city's near complete destruction, its rebuilding/reinvention by a young Alexander Hamilton and his bargaining with Thomas Jefferson to relinquish NY as a "federal capitol" in exchange for "beaucoup capital" to relieve the city's war debts...anyways I could go on and on.

I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who, like me, has aspirations of filling in woeful gaps of historical knowlege, but doesn't really know where to begin. It's really a great start! :)

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