Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Top Ten Scary Muppets

How amazing is this!

Three cheers for useless, nerdy cataloging! Actually this wasn't useless at all. It came in quite handy for researching my top ten scary muppets of all time.

Yeah, so I was a scaredy cat as a kid. Although I would jump around manically every Sunday night when I heard the "Den den den den-den-den," there were many, many muppets that freaked me out (some more easily explained than others). I have arranged them here from "I find you vaguely unsettling" to "Dear lord you are going to kill me."

1. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

"Why is that other guy so scared! What are you doing to him? Where are your eyes???"

2. Statler and Waldorf
"I don't understand your jokes! Crazy old men! Why are you laughing?"

3. Sam Eagle

"So angry! So patriotic!"

4. Swedish Chef "Leave those lobsters alone! Look out, lobsters! He's got a knife! Look out chicken!"

5. Sweetums
"Yikes! Lips too big! Eyebrows too bushy! Too Big!"

6. Lew Zealand
"Don't you throw a fish at me, you. Don't you throw a slimy smelly fish at me!"

7. Alice Cooper

"What the..."

8. Newsman
"Oh god, I just know something is going to fall on your head. I just know it! Why are you just sitting there? Where are your eyes????"

9. Harry

10. Louis Kazagger (Sportscaster)
"That pointy nose! That pointy wiggly nose! You are going to kill me aren't you???? AAAHHAHHHHHHHHHHH!"


Dylan Gaughan said...

That picture of Harry is FUCKING AWESOME.

JAB said...

These are some of the best muppets!I love it! I was only scared of the Count on Sesame Street, but that more than made up for my lack of puppet fear. Maybe that was more about the math than the vampyrism?

Our Goblin Market said...

What was the point in throwing fish. Lew Zealand Reminds me of my cousin. I never liked that guy or my cousin.