Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Girl

I really love this Philly-born artist, Agnes Montgomery. She makes these surreal, colorful fairy-tale collages with children, animals and random objects and sort of a vintage flair.

She's done a lot of album covers for Panda Bear including Person Pitch (see above) which is probably the most recognizable. (Side note: You can see a really big print of this next to the fireplace in the restaurant James in Bella Vista South Philly). She says her collages are "made by hand using found paper, small scissors and a magnifying glass" and then scanned and enlarged for canvasses.  

Check out more of her work at her site

Update #2:

I deleted the fishbone posts because I didn't want all that vitriol sullying my blog. I will, however, continue to vent my extreme frustration with my Meme dining experience to every restaurant review site I can find.  

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