Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Broker Shuffle

I'm sorry, what's that you say? You say you want your mind blown today? Well sit right back there's no need to scuffle. I came here to do the Super Broker Shuffle!


Dylan Gaughan said...

Good god, where do I start.

The syrup is called "Brer Rabbit"? As in the Br'er Rabbit in the Uncle Remus stories?! Is the company logo wearing blackface, too?

Second: Charlie Carson's rap is incredible. He sounds like he's busting rhymes in between his final breaths.

Someone needs to check his birth certificate, cuz Cecil Boseman is almost definitely Dewey Cox in disguise.

I'm shocked we haven't seen the guy with the peanut jar (the one who pronounces his own name "Jesse Frankffffttt") on a World's Most Horrifying Child Murderers special on Fox.

"Fleishmen's Margerine is fun to sell / If they don't buy it, they can go to hell." Gangsta!

You know you're running out of words to rhyme with "shuffle" when you're resorting to "huffle or buffle."

Are the three women they hussy'ed up in cheerleader garb on par, career-wise, with the men? If so, it's pretty fucked up what they do to them right here. Hello glass ceiling!

Thank you.

David said...

dylan made all my comments for me, save one.

jesus wept.

Laura said...

this is a perfect example of why the south has yet to rise again.

dylan, yes, br'er rabbit molasses is real. br'er is on the logo wearing the same minstrel suit as uncle ben and the cream of wheat guy.