Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday. I ain't got shit to do.

I know this image and blog title are pretty incongruous. But I was thinking wistfully of New Orleans (where I took photo) and wishing I was traveling somewhere exciting this weekend. It's going to be the first day to break 70 in an awfully long while and I find myself in the unusual position of having NOTHING going on this evening! Nada! None of my frenz are around. I want to go celebrate with drinks outside somewhere, but I fear that will not be happening. So what' s a girl to do. Well, I suppose I will rally and do something solo! After all, these are the zero zeros. Or the oughts. (As in it's 2009. 2-0-ought-9. Yea, while we're on the subject is that what they call the zero zero years? It just doesn't have as much punch as, "After all these are the nineties, or the fifties, etc. Okay, I think I'll quit while I'm ahead/behind.)

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