Wednesday, April 29, 2009

L'espirit d'escalier

I've been intrigued by the story of artists Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake ever since I read about them in New York magazine.

Their's is a tragic tale full of exhuberant love and joie de vivre, but also conspiracy theories and loads of unanswered questions. The biggest question of all--why did they both decide to end their lives while in their prime? Theresa killed herself first (pills) and a week later on the way to her funeral, Jeremy took off all his clothes and walked into the sea. His body was never found.

There are tons of articles on their story which detail their artistic endeavors, their migration from the east coast to L.A., their paranoia that Scientologists were sabotaging their careers and their increasing reclusiveness after their ultimate return to New York prior to their deaths.

Theresa kept a really terrific blog entitled "The Wit of the Staircase" or "L'espirit d'escalier" (which is a French idiom that describes the moment you think of the perfect zingy rhetort to an earlier conversation while on your way up to bed). It's a great blog for those who like a little sophistication in their lives (as opposed to inane posts about snuggies and freezy freakies. ahem.) You can find it here: She inspires me to explore more archane subject matter. (Also, I really like her reviews of perfumes.)

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HEK said...

Blake's body was found, actually.